BtS at YouTube: Recruitment Emails Suck

Once you get past the 1000 subscriber mark, recruitment emails become a monthly event.  Past 10,000 subscribers and it’s weekly.  They’re networks trying to get you to sign with them, so they can take a small cut of your video revenue in return for getting you access to things like music libraries, protection from ID Claims, and other useful resources to help you focus on making videos rather than dealing with related problems.

Sometimes it feels like the YouTube networks are part of that list of non-video related problems.

I’m already with Curse, a network I’m pretty happy in.  I retain full rights to my videos, they don’t dictate what I do at all, and they hardly take any money.  I get access to a great music and sound effect library, and they help ward off “some” of the ID Claims, not all, and there is no lock-in policy so I can leave at any time.


So seeing as I’m already with a network, you could imagine constant recruitment emails could get annoying. Well for some reason no company has sent more than Freedom, who have sent about 8 or 9 by this point.  Now I’m not ragging on Freedom, it’s actually one of the all around best Networks you can join, but it’s getting frustrating.

After today’s email, I decided I could use a cathartic multi-paragraph response talking about my frustrations and what I’d like to see out of not just Freedom, but Networks in general.  You know me, I have no filter.

This is the email I responded to him with in full.  Enjoy:


“I feel kind of bad.  You’re probably the 8th or 9th recruiter from Freedom to contact me.  I just always respond with the same thing and never hear back.

I’m with Curse at the moment and I’m pretty happy with them.  Unless you can offer me both 90% or better revenue share in my favour and a directly managed channel so I have protection from all ID Claims, I’m not willing to leave Curse.

I already know the response, if there will be one, will probably be that my channel is too small for ID Claim immunity.  Any network that responds to my message will tell me that.  That’s fine, I’m sure Freedom is a great network, I’ve heard nothing but good things, however I’m not leaving Curse for anything less than that.  It’s just that it’s not worth the hassle if I’m not getting a major benefit.

If the answer is no, then please just tell Freedom to stop messaging me until I’m big enough.  I get these emails constantly and I feel like Freedom is the one I hear from the most.  I very much appreciate the offer and that there is interest in my channel, but I’m trying to make a living and this hassle just isn’t worth it.  Networks never actually advertise their users other than Polaris.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how hard I work  and how dedicated I am in the eyes of any given network.  I will not be given a chance to shine as a representative of the network.

When you think of Totalbiscuit, you think of Polaris.  When you think of Angry Joe, you think of Polaris.  When you think of Jesse Cox, Dodger, quill18, Srippin, you think of Polaris.  I can’t think of a person in the gaming scene that I hear the name of and think “Curse” or “Freedom”.  All it takes it someone with work ethic.  Well, I’ve done a video a day minimum for 4 years and 8 months.  Didn’t get paid for half of that, and even now It’s my full time job despite getting paid half of minimum wage.  Believe me, eating sunflower seeds and drinking water for a mid day meal isn’t fun, but I don’t let that stop me.  Nor do I let cerebral palsy or ehlers-danlos syndrome stop me.  Nor do I let living in one room stop me.  I streamed on for 5 hours today, laughing and joking around with my viewers, and have spent the last 4 hours editing the footage for YouTube.  This is what I do.  I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it.

I’m just not interested in joining another network unless it’s got a big benefit to it.  It’s too much hassle, and if Freedom’s complete lack of a response to me in the past multiple times has told me anything, it’s that they aren’t actually interested in me.  They’re just interested in my lackluster numbers on a social blade page.

Nothing against you, I’m sure you’re a great guy.  I’m just sick of my numbers mattering more than Medraut Stowe, the human.”


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