Tad: A New Way to Support Me

For a while now I’ve been getting questions from viewers about how advertisements work on YouTube and if they could choose to watch advertisements just to support me.  My answer has always roughly been “Not really, you can’t really spam watching advertisements just to support someone, it’s against terms of service”.  Well, there is actually a service that let’s you watch advertisements just to generate money for a YouTuber, and it’s called Tad.

Tad is pretty new from what it seems, I was just contacted about it existing about a week ago.  So far it’s only a mobile app but apparently it’s getting browser support at some point.

By my understanding, it’s an application that lets you watch custom picked avertisements to generate money for YouTubers.  These ads earn MUCH more money for the YouTuber than YouTube ones do.  YouTube ads give you less than one cent per view, Tad ones give roughly three cents per view.  On top of that you get to pick what kinds of ads you watch.  You can also give feedback on advertisements so that you get less bad ones and more good ones.

I’ve got high hopes for Tad.  It brings things back to what the actual point of advertisements should be.  To show you things you’re actually interested in so that you know they exist.  You might actually end up finding stuff that you’d want to buy, and honestly that’s rare nowadays.

I think it’s worth giving this a try.  If you have some time to kill and want to support me and don’t have cash to just donate on Patreon, this is the next best thing.  If you use it, let me know what you think of it, good or bad.  I want honest feedback on it.  Just send me a Tweet or comment on this post.  Thanks!



Also for the record, this is not a paid sponsorship.  I just had this service brought to my attention and want to give it a chance.  It would be illegal to take a paid sponsorship and not tell you and I’m telling you that this is not a paid sponsorship, so that’s how you know I’m being honest,.  Thanks.


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  1. It doesn’t work on any of my devices :/ In the list of devices there are all the Samsung Galaxy Mobiles. Don’t know if its samsung in general or because i am from germany. Eighter way, i hope they fix this.


  2. Tyler Randolph

    Hi Mah-Dry-Bread. I am a really huge fan. Just wanted to thank you for your videos, and hopefully we could chat? My email is tyduzade511@gmail.com hope you get the chance to chat with me or you will be as stupid as brandon.lol


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