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Tad: A New Way to Support Me

For a while now I’ve been getting questions from viewers about how advertisements work on YouTube and if they could choose to watch advertisements just to support me.  My answer has always roughly been “Not really, you can’t really spam watching advertisements just to support someone, it’s against terms of service”.  Well, there is actually a service that let’s you watch advertisements just to generate money for a YouTuber, and it’s called Tad.

Tad is pretty new from what it seems, I was just contacted about it existing about a week ago.  So far it’s only a mobile app but apparently it’s getting browser support at some point.

By my understanding, it’s an application that lets you watch custom picked avertisements to generate money for YouTubers.  These ads earn MUCH more money for the YouTuber than YouTube ones do.  YouTube ads give you less than one cent per view, Tad ones give roughly three cents per view.  On top of that you get to pick what kinds of ads you watch.  You can also give feedback on advertisements so that you get less bad ones and more good ones.

I’ve got high hopes for Tad.  It brings things back to what the actual point of advertisements should be.  To show you things you’re actually interested in so that you know they exist.  You might actually end up finding stuff that you’d want to buy, and honestly that’s rare nowadays.

I think it’s worth giving this a try.  If you have some time to kill and want to support me and don’t have cash to just donate on Patreon, this is the next best thing.  If you use it, let me know what you think of it, good or bad.  I want honest feedback on it.  Just send me a Tweet or comment on this post.  Thanks!


Also for the record, this is not a paid sponsorship.  I just had this service brought to my attention and want to give it a chance.  It would be illegal to take a paid sponsorship and not tell you and I’m telling you that this is not a paid sponsorship, so that’s how you know I’m being honest,.  Thanks.


BtS at YouTube: Recruitment Emails Suck

Once you get past the 1000 subscriber mark, recruitment emails become a monthly event.  Past 10,000 subscribers and it’s weekly.  They’re networks trying to get you to sign with them, so they can take a small cut of your video revenue in return for getting you access to things like music libraries, protection from ID Claims, and other useful resources to help you focus on making videos rather than dealing with related problems.

Sometimes it feels like the YouTube networks are part of that list of non-video related problems.

I’m already with Curse, a network I’m pretty happy in.  I retain full rights to my videos, they don’t dictate what I do at all, and they hardly take any money.  I get access to a great music and sound effect library, and they help ward off “some” of the ID Claims, not all, and there is no lock-in policy so I can leave at any time.


So seeing as I’m already with a network, you could imagine constant recruitment emails could get annoying. Well for some reason no company has sent more than Freedom, who have sent about 8 or 9 by this point.  Now I’m not ragging on Freedom, it’s actually one of the all around best Networks you can join, but it’s getting frustrating.

After today’s email, I decided I could use a cathartic multi-paragraph response talking about my frustrations and what I’d like to see out of not just Freedom, but Networks in general.  You know me, I have no filter.

This is the email I responded to him with in full.  Enjoy:


“I feel kind of bad.  You’re probably the 8th or 9th recruiter from Freedom to contact me.  I just always respond with the same thing and never hear back.

I’m with Curse at the moment and I’m pretty happy with them.  Unless you can offer me both 90% or better revenue share in my favour and a directly managed channel so I have protection from all ID Claims, I’m not willing to leave Curse.

I already know the response, if there will be one, will probably be that my channel is too small for ID Claim immunity.  Any network that responds to my message will tell me that.  That’s fine, I’m sure Freedom is a great network, I’ve heard nothing but good things, however I’m not leaving Curse for anything less than that.  It’s just that it’s not worth the hassle if I’m not getting a major benefit.

If the answer is no, then please just tell Freedom to stop messaging me until I’m big enough.  I get these emails constantly and I feel like Freedom is the one I hear from the most.  I very much appreciate the offer and that there is interest in my channel, but I’m trying to make a living and this hassle just isn’t worth it.  Networks never actually advertise their users other than Polaris.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how hard I work  and how dedicated I am in the eyes of any given network.  I will not be given a chance to shine as a representative of the network.

When you think of Totalbiscuit, you think of Polaris.  When you think of Angry Joe, you think of Polaris.  When you think of Jesse Cox, Dodger, quill18, Srippin, you think of Polaris.  I can’t think of a person in the gaming scene that I hear the name of and think “Curse” or “Freedom”.  All it takes it someone with work ethic.  Well, I’ve done a video a day minimum for 4 years and 8 months.  Didn’t get paid for half of that, and even now It’s my full time job despite getting paid half of minimum wage.  Believe me, eating sunflower seeds and drinking water for a mid day meal isn’t fun, but I don’t let that stop me.  Nor do I let cerebral palsy or ehlers-danlos syndrome stop me.  Nor do I let living in one room stop me.  I streamed on for 5 hours today, laughing and joking around with my viewers, and have spent the last 4 hours editing the footage for YouTube.  This is what I do.  I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it.

I’m just not interested in joining another network unless it’s got a big benefit to it.  It’s too much hassle, and if Freedom’s complete lack of a response to me in the past multiple times has told me anything, it’s that they aren’t actually interested in me.  They’re just interested in my lackluster numbers on a social blade page.

Nothing against you, I’m sure you’re a great guy.  I’m just sick of my numbers mattering more than Medraut Stowe, the human.”

My Opinion on the Militants in Oregon

So there is a lot of controversy going on right now about the armed group of people currently occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in the United States.  Some are calling them terrorists, some call them a militia, some call them activists, and some just call them “White dudes with guns”.

I feel like there is a wonderful quote to go along with this article:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s use this as a guideline.  We will discuss the specifics of the event as a launching point into discussing the ideas that it brings up.


So to greatly summarize the event, a very large group of armed people are occupying a government owned wildlife refuge.  Although there have been no acts of violence, they’ve made it very clear that they did bring weapons along with living supplies such as food so they can live there for as long as they need to.  They haven’t shown any signs of being hostile thus far outside of simply having guns in the building.  They claim that they are doing this in protest of the government being able to own land.

Instantly, you can see why they’ve been called what they’ve been called.  People who hate this will call them terrorists for having guns and taking over a government building, supporters will call them activists for taking a stand against the government, and people who don’t know much about the story yet will call them a militia for being civilians with guns.  So what’s really going on?

Well, I think we can safely say they’re not terrorists.  There has been no violence at all.  They’ve never pointed a gun at someone, no shots have been fired, no one has been turn, they’ve taken no hostages, they’ve made no threats (although plenty of hyperbolic statements and grand standing), and when the media comes to talk to them, they don’t even bring their guns with them.  It’s clear that they don’t have violent intentions.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right.

I understand they believe strongly in this and I commend them for taking a stand for what they believe in, but I think this is a really stupid way to go about it.  It’s going to drum up a lot of emotion in a lot of people, both for and against this.  All it takes is one scared idiot on either side to take a shot thinking that the other is dangerous and suddenly things escalate to a terrifying level where people are dying.  I think the event is pretty bad overall and I hope it can be resolved peacefully.  Let’s move onto the ideas it brings up.


What they’re protesting is that the government holds land.  A lot of it, actually.  A lot of the land in the USA is owned by the federal government, especially in the mid-west.  Although the roots of a lot of that land ownership is pretty illegitimate, it is currently accepted that they own it and the idea is that they use that land to help the people of the country as a whole.  Of course that’s not always how it comes out, but that’s the idea.

I think a better question than “Do they really own the land” is “Should the government own land”.  My answer is yes, just not very much.  The way I see it, the United States federal government could operate quite well with much less land than it has if it gets more organised.  They have more than they need to take care of their duties to the people of the nation, I think they need to start selling off land to the population.  Sell it to cities, to companies, to whoever is interested in buying it.  Let the people control the land.  The government needs some of it, but it has too much.


Lastly, to the people who are just calling them “White guys with guns”, that’s awful.  There is a lot more to a person than just their race or skin colour.  Calling them a bunch of “White guys with guns” just because they’re mostly white is just as bad as when any other group of people are defined and described by their skin colour.  The “white terrorists” articles are just as hyperbolic and ridiculous as the ones that call every black person a “looter” the second they are accused of a crime rather than just being called a “suspect”.  This isn’t a cultural thing, it’s about people coming together with a common belief to take action, even if that action is probably a terrible idea.  No one is just “their race”.  Don’t be racist.

Give Me Criticism!

Do you have any criticism of my show? How about ideas for it? I’ve just made a thread on my forum where people can share their ideas as well as complain about whatever they don’t like. I very much appreciate any feedback I can get here. Feel free to be as polite or as brutal as you want, as long as you’re honest. There are no hard feelings:

A Tip to Fellow Internet People

This applies to you regardless of what you do online.  You’re always going to have to deal with people who hate you from time to time, even if you can’t really figure out why.  They’ll take everything you say and find a way to hate you over it.  They’ll twist things around, take things out of context, or just take a small fraction of what you said and assume you meant something completely different despite having the opportunity to just question you on it.  You won’t be given the benefit of the doubt, and that’s okay.

As frustrating as it is, you’ll never win those people over.  You’ll probably be accused of all kinds of crazy stuff, but it’s just not worth the fight.  The time you’ll spend trying to explain to them the full story is just a waste, because most times, they’ll just disregard you.


No matter what you’re doing or what your plans may be, if someone is throwing insults at you and accusing you of something over the most throw-away of statements without simply asking for clarification or discussing it with you reasonably, you have something much better to do than try to talk to them about it.  If you want to talk about it, talk about it to someone who treats you as an equal, not as an idiot.

We just passed 1000 members of the Steam Group!

Hey everyone, thank you very much for joining the group as we’ve just passed 1000 members! It’s thanks to all of you inviting your friends and spreading the word that so many people know about the Steam group and our own little community. In fact it’s your sharing that makes the YouTube and Hitbox channels grow as well!

I wish I could do something big to celebrate, but the curtains still aren’t up yet to block out the blinding sun from the massive window behind me. They will likely be up tomorrow, then after that the next chance I get we will have a big stream on my channel! I’ll have a link to it at the bottom of the page if you’ve never been there.

If you’re a member of the Steam group, you’re probably there to keep up with the streams. Well if you want to keep up with me in general, the Facebook Fan page, Twitter, and here on my own website are the best ways to do that. I use Twitter for quick messages, Facebook Fan page for blog posts and for asking questions, and my website for big announcements. Links all at the bottom.

If you want to help keep growing this group, going to the top right of the group page, hitting “Invite Friends”, and inviting all your friends is the best way to do it! Who knows, if enough of us do it, I might be making a post about hitting the 2000 mark in under a month!

Thanks again for all the joining and sharing everyone! Live Streaming Channel:


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My Website:
This was originally an announcement on Steam, but Steam does an awful job actually notifying people of announcements, so I decided to mark it as an “event” instead so it actually gets sent out and moved the bulk of the post here to my website.

I do not belong to any social movements and my opinions are my own.

You know I think this was always implied, but I’ve realised that I’ve never outright declared it and as a Z-grade public figure due to the internet, I probably should for the sake of clarity.

I am not part of any social movements, any political movements, any anti movements, nor do my opinions reflect that of any company or group. My opinions I express are my own, not even necessarily that of close friends or coworkers.

As far as I’m concerned, whatever social movements or labels you are a part of or are connected to are irrelevant to who you are as a person. It’s a way to see who you are at a glance, and often it backfires. What matters at the end of the day is your actions and intentions. I care far more about what you’ve done than your labels or affiliations. Strive to be a good person who helps people with no expected gain to yourself and I probably already like you.

How to Help Grow the Fanbase!

Too long didn’t read: Sharing my content helps a metric butt-load.  This article explains how, gives examples, and let’s you know some ways you could do it if you want to.  Thanks!

I get asked a lot about how my fan base can be so small compared to other YouTuber’s when the content I put out is good, as well as how they can help a lot.  I want to start by saying that first statement is very flattering, and follow by saying that the YouTube promotion system is a weird one that I’ll explain in short here.

YouTube promotes videos that a lot of people watch, especially if they watch the whole thing and it’s long.  People tend to instantly latch onto videos that are instantly interesting or funny.  This is why you see so many videos that are e edited to be extremely fast and snappy, like montage videos, getting popular.  They are easy to share because people will get the appeal right away, there is a large audience for it, and people will watch the whole thing.

A lot of people love my channel and say it’s great, but it doesn’t grow much.  It’s largely because not many people share my content with people they know, and when they do, not many people are interested.  If you’re watching me, you gave me a chance.  You spent a decent amount of time to watch my stuff and found you like it, but most people don’t want to dedicate time like that.  It’s that shareability that my content doesn’t really have, and that’s why it’s very important that those who watch, share.  People will be less inclined to do it on their own and the shares are even more important as they are less likely to help on each individual one, so you need it to be shared a lot.

Sharing has helped massively the few times I’ve asked people to do it.  You know how I got a partnership on, making my streams much better quality?  That was you guys sharing the streaming link on twitter, Facebook, and steam.  You doubled my view count nearly every single time.  Sometimes more than doubled.  You guys do as good of a job, if not an even better job, than I do at bringing in new viewers.  When you see my stream boom in popularity, that was your doing, not mine.  I just make the content, you’re the one who makes it popular.

If you want another example, look at my Steam page.  It has way more people in it than when you joined, doesn’t it?  That’s because I had a good idea one day about it, asked you guys to take action, and it worked WAY better than I thought it would.  As you may know, I like to send out a link whenever I stream on the Steam Group.  It’s a great way to get the link to everyone who is already at their computer, and it seems to bring in the most viewers.  Well, I came to a realisation.  Most people don’t have many Twitter followers, but they do have a good amount of friends on Steam.  Also many people on Steam join any group they get invited to, so why not go on my Steam Group page, hit “Invite Friends”, and invite them all?  If they’re friends with you, they probably like games you like, and if you like my show you probably like games I play.  I stream games I like, so if they join my group and see that some guy is streaming a game they like, they may join and end up having fun at the streams.  That is a GREAT way to grow the fan base!  It’s low effort, natural, word of mouth, and effective.

So I asked a stream of about 20 people to do that once when I got the idea.  Pretty sure only a few people actually did it, but regardless we got almost 100 new people in the group.  Less than 10 people did this, and almost 100 joined.  For less than one minute’s work per person, that was INSANELY effective.  Once I talked about it a bit in a Vlog and some people most have done it, because it raised by another 130 overnight.  So if you want to help out, invite your friends to the stream group.  I’ll provide a link at the bottom of the page.

Another way you can help is to tweet out some of my videos that you like, or that I’m streaming when I stream.  Including @MahDryBread in the tweet will let me see your tweet as well as let people interested in your tweet check out who I am.  This is great because people can share tweets around easily with “re-tweet” so it always has the chance of getting big.  Say I make a new Payday 2 101 video you really like, that’s actually an easily sharable video.  New people who don’t know me can still understand what’s going on easily and maybe find it interesting enough to give my stuff a chance.

Another great way is to do the same linking of my stuff, but on Facebook.  Most people seem to have a lot of Facebook friends, and chances are you have common interests with most of them, so a great deal of them probably would be interested.  Plus, stream are more fun with friends, so inviting friends through Facebook to my streams means you go in already knowing people in the chat.

The fastest spreading video I’ve literally ever done is “How YouTubers Get Paid” and that was largely thanks to a fan posting that video on a subreddit where it got popular.  Sites like Reddit are great for spreading my content to people who otherwise wouldn’t know it exists.

The last way that comes to mind at the moment is just to talk to your friends about my channel.  Straight word of mouth.  I know I do this a lot with my friends and it’s great.  When we have channels in common that we like, it becomes a really fun discussion.  I know this one seems really obvious, but it’s half the fun of a good YouTube channel, getting to enjoy it with your friends.

Thanks for reading my insanely long, rambling article.  I genuinely appreciate that you’ve decided to read this whole thing, as it shows to me that you really do care about me and my channel and that you’d like to make it grow.  I love making content for you guys and it means a lot to me that so many people enjoy it as much as you do.  If you want to give back, all I ask is that you thumbs up the videos that you enjoy, leave a comment if you have anything at all that you’d like to say, and most importantly of all, share stuff that you enjoy with people who you know, as well as anywhere else on the internet that you’d like.  Want to make a place to talk about my stuff with like-minded people on some other forum?  Want to make a fan base guild in World of Warcraft?  Want to talk about my stuff on some random vaguely related Reddit page?  Want to tattoo my YouTube URL to your forehead?  Want to carve “Proofread, Send to Friends” into the walls of every room of your house?  At least a few of those things are probably a good idea that wouldn’t creep me out!

Jokes aside though, You are what makes this job awesome, and You are what makes the channel special.  If I didn’t have such awesome viewers, I wouldn’t be motivated to keep doing this thing and to keep striving to get better.  Thank you very much.  The links to related things are at the bottom of this page and until next time, have a nice day!

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Fundraising for a Friend

Hey everyone, Mah-Dry-Bread here. A close friend of mine SecretFiri recently has come into a bit of a financial issue, where her very old laptop is finally dying and she doesn’t have the money for a new one. You may remember SecretFiri from a lot of older videos I’ve done.

Seeing as she is a student who travels abroad often, she needs a laptop to continue to do what she does while being on the move. On top of that, her laptop is her main way of communicating with a lot of people very important to her. I’d appreciate it if you sent any money you can spare her way to help her out. Thanks.

Markdown and Hitbox

Last night I spent about four hours working on a complete overhaul of my channel description.  I decided that it was a bit wordy and needed to be changed.  During this process I’ve learned two things.  That the way the Offline Cover scales to monitor sizes was programmed by a wizard as it has no rhyme or reason, and that sometimes things happen for seemingly no reason.

Go to that link.  Scroll to the top of the description.  As long as your monitor is big enough or your chat is small enough, you should see “Support me”, “Subscribe”, and “Share” side by side, right?  Notice how there is a small gap between the first two, but no gap between the second and third?

In markdown, they are all written the exact same way.  Each of those picture’s widths are exactly 300 pixels.  They are identical in shape.  In fact if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll find that every box down there is identical and is spaced out properly.

So why is that one box near the top not spaced properly?  We may never know.

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