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Markdown and Hitbox

Last night I spent about four hours working on a complete overhaul of my channel description.  I decided that it was a bit wordy and needed to be changed.  During this process I’ve learned two things.  That the way the Offline Cover scales to monitor sizes was programmed by a wizard as it has no rhyme or reason, and that sometimes things happen for seemingly no reason.

Go to that link.  Scroll to the top of the description.  As long as your monitor is big enough or your chat is small enough, you should see “Support me”, “Subscribe”, and “Share” side by side, right?  Notice how there is a small gap between the first two, but no gap between the second and third?

In markdown, they are all written the exact same way.  Each of those picture’s widths are exactly 300 pixels.  They are identical in shape.  In fact if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll find that every box down there is identical and is spaced out properly.

So why is that one box near the top not spaced properly?  We may never know.

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