Q.  Any tips on how to start out on YouTube?


1.  I know this first tip sounds stupid, but actually do it.  I see channels all the time that say in the description that it will be uploading videos soon, just for it to never upload videos.  You’ll never know if you’ll like it if you don’t try it.

2.  Your first few videos will almost always suck.  You might like them in the moment, you might not, but in the future you’ll look back and cringe because of how far you’ve come.  That’s normal, don’t let it discourage you.

3.  Don’t list all of the YouTuber’s who inspired you to start making videos in your first video or series.  It will make you cringe even harder looking back on it, as well as make any of the people you listed cringe.  No YouTuber wants to watch a bad video then be told they inspired it.  Take time, practice your craft, and make a video talking about who inspired you once you’ve really mastered your own style and are happy with your content.

4.  Don’t get into YouTube for the money, it really doesn’t work that way.  VERY few people make a living off of YouTube.  It took me almost two years before I got any kind of pay for it.  I’m 4 years into a-video-a-day while writing this and I still make less than minimum wage and that’s with the help of both live streaming on Hitbox.tv and getting donations on Patreon.  YouTube does not pay the bills unless you are crazy popular.

5.  Be willing to learn.  Spend time on YouTube and google learning how to profile and remove white noise from your audio track if you are speaking.  Watch videos that teach you how to edit video.  Look up strategies on games you want to do high quality playthroughs of.  You need to really put a lot of time into it to make sure it’s good.

6.  Always stay humble.

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